With over a decade of digital marketing experience under her belt, Meghan Bakken has helped shape brand + creative strategy for brands both big and small. From creative direction, to photo styling, project management and process development to training and structuring social teams-- no task is too big or small to reach and exceed your brand goals.  

As a brand + creative strategist for over a decade, she's seen first hand the struggles brands both big and small face. In many ways, there are patterns to the fears, obstacles, or processes that prevent brands from reaching their goals. To help brands achieve the same level of success she's incorporated at startups and Fortune 50 companies she developed Storybloom. 

Storybloom is a passion project and a consulting boutique built for brands and entrepreneurs who are experiencing challenges in their marketing approach.

 Maybe you want to  produce a video  or need a new style for your website. We've got your back! Maybe you've tried to craft a social media plan or community management strategy that creates results, Story Bloom is your secret sauce!  Over the last 11 years, she's experienced all of the ups and downs the digital marketing rollercoaster can take you on. She's been there and has collected the best tips and tricks for achieving results and can't wait to help grow your brand. 


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